Old-Fashioned Pop up Books

My kids LOVE pop up books.  I feel like I have read the Spot series a million Unknowntimes.  Still all three of my kiddies still get excited lifting a Unknown-1flap to see what is underneath.  And as for “Dear Zoo” that simply goes off in this household.  The earliest examples of pop up books, also called moveable books, were over 700 years ago.  It was a Catalan mystic and poet Ramon Llull of Majorca who used a volvelle (revolving disc) to illustrate his theories.

So apart from the odd peep show (adults were the target here) children pop up books became in production in the 18th Centry.  Radically there was the mention that the pop up books were for the enjoyment for the children- not for academic benefits.  After the World Wars and Depression , American book publishers tried to find ways to rekindle book buying.  The animation of Walt Disney characters and traditional fairy tales with pop-ups. The rest, you could say is history.


CIMG3723Karen’s house is full of stimulating things to look at and touch.  Her pop up books are no exception.  Before bedtime in her house the kids hang out in the living room and have a wind down time.  This is the place where the pop up booksCIMG3722 live, usually sitting on the coffee table.  The children love to carefully look at the books and all the details in the pictures.  This has become a little tradition in her house.




I thought I would add two links to show you some serious money involved in the buying and selling of old-fashioned pop up books.



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