Little Golden Book Collection


I would be surprised if you haven’t seen one of these books before.  With their golden spine, and their well illustrated pictures, they are a hit with children (and CIMG3719adults).  My 16 month old just loves to carry them around, look at the picture on the back cover and eat the corners of the Golden Books.

I had the pleasure to visit a very clever mum, school teacher and friend, Karen.  She has many amazing collections and her Golden Books are just one.  I love how the shelf in one of her daughters rooms has that golden glow. Some of the books are hers from CIMG3720when she was a child and some she has been collecting at op shops and second hand books.  The books are full of memories. CIMG3721Like Archies favourite book which Karen would sing to him daily.  And Karen’s favourite book, which can still hear her mothers voice read to her.

Golden Books started from the firm Simon & Schuster in 1942. To put it simply they were cheap and cheerful books to buy but were made with quality.  More than two billion Unknownbooks have been printed.  The eighth book in the series, The Poky Little Puppy, is the top selling children’s book OF ALL TIME! Can you believe it? Ask someone what they think is the highest selling picture book, I wonder if they get it right.  Let me know below!   In fact Golden Books are in the third, fourth, CIMG3713fifth, sixth highest selling children’s picture books of all time (Tootle, The Saggy Baggy Elephant,  Scuffy the Tugboat, Pat the Bunny).

CIMG3716Karen owns more than 100 Golden Books.  She finds them thin, easy to carry,  store and read.  Her car has at least ten, her bookcase 90 and a few are always on a bedside table of her three children.


So celebrate your Golden Books, get them out on display and let those golden spines glow!


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