Childhood Toys- Strawberry Shortcake


A wonderful thing happened to me over the Queens Birthday weekend.   We had a lovely family lunch at my parents house.  Mum went upstairs after lunch and returned with an old, funky suitcase.  What was inside was the wonderful thing…… she opened it up and there were my childhood toys!  Now I didn’t know that she had kept them and if she had told me, I would have scoffed and said “junk, give them away”.  It wasn’t until she had them in front of me, with my three children playing with them that all the toys names popped into my head, and that comfortable, fuzzy, warm heart moment occurred.


CIMG3701Now I am the youngest of five children.  In my teens I found my empty baby book and filled it in myself so I am pleasantly surprised by this treasure chest that mum has kept.  Lola was in heaven!  I loved being reunited with Strawberry ShortcakeCIMG3705 and Huckleberry Finn.  When I was a child, our family home caught fire. We weren’t allowed to step foot in the house for easily a week and had to move out for three months.  The firemen let us choose one toy each to collect for us.  Mine was Huckleberry Finn.  He was returned to me, wet, smokey and I was thrilled.

CIMG3706I was surprised how my strawberry shortcake toys still had their smell- thirty years later!  I’ve popped them on Lola’s window sill, which makes me smile every time I walk into Lola’s room.  I’ve even seen my three year old return the toys back up on the window sill, pleased that the display theme is being ground into her.

So thank you mum.  What an awesome gift, one I will copy for my children.  I CIMG3702hope this has inspired you to think about which toys you wish you still had from your childhood and which you would put away for your children.

Couldn’t help but add what the modern Strawberry Shortcake dolls look like.


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One thought on “Childhood Toys- Strawberry Shortcake

  1. Haha, same experience with the baby book!

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