Dick Bruna Picture Books


I am a huge fan of children’s picture books, and even in this age of technology, I still think picture books will always be around.  I just can’t imagine a child not being able to see the front cover of a book, run up to it and grab it to read it.  How else will you know what book your child wants to read if they can’t point to it and get it?


Covers of picture books are beautiful.  I love shelving that actually shows the frontCIMG3692 cover, not just the spine of a picture book.  This shelving unit is my latest project.  Its an old magazine brochure. I took off the back, let Lola choose the colour (surprise, surprise it’s pink) and now the kids can see the books they want and it looks fantastic as covers are like little works of art!

CIMG3693This leads me to my collection today- Dick Bruna’s picture books. What delicious colours he uses with his simple pictures.  How could anyone resist Miffy?  Dick is 85 years old and hasimages published 120 picture books.  He has had an interesting childhood, hiding from the war in a lake side cottage in the Netherlands, drawing constantly.  School wasn’t for him, so his father allowed him to leave as long as he worked for him in his publishing firm.  However his mind just wasn’t into it.  Thankfully as he has such talent with his art.

2813_fullimage_utrecht brunahuis boekjeskamer kind origineel-1.jpg_560x350Imagine a wall of his books like the one pictured here in his Dick Bruna house in Central Museum, Utrecht, the Netherlands.  Alas I only have several of his books but always have my eyes peeled for more.  Happy collecting people.

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5 thoughts on “Dick Bruna Picture Books

  1. Janet Lucas on said:

    Love your blog. I am constantly amazed by what people collect, George likes to have every book in a series he is into.

    We are around these holidays if you Want to see Charlie’s rocks. You could Also talk to George about his beanies. He has about six annuals and a load Of the magazines as he gets one from The Farr bookshop every Thursday… Take care Cheers Janet

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. frances on said:

    Rocks Janet! what about the nerf guns? i have a beano for george. your book display looks lovely alice.

  3. I had (and loved) Sam and the firefly as a kid.

    • Same, I LOVE that book. I am trying to teach my son about modesty……. that is a great book to do that with. Not that every book should teach kids something but it does have a simple and sweet message about showing off.

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