Espresso Cups

Amanda loves coffee.  Now when I say she loves coffee, I mean she LOVES coffee! She seems an expert on where to get it at a variety of big cities and countries.  I would like to add that whilst she lives in Sydney, she does choose a Wellington brand of coffee, Supreme, to drink.  Therefore it only seems natural that her collection would be something to do with coffee, espresso cups.


Amanda started collecting espresso cups 16 years ago whilst travelling around Europe.  She wanted to collect something a little different and buying them in Europe definitely saw that.

photo-5Every time Amanda travels somewhere different she tries to buy an espresso cup.  In Punakaiki she found her favourite one, the zebra legs, bought in an i-Site Visitor Centre.  It holds fond memories of a road trip with eight friends for the Millennium.

Whilst travelling through Barcelona Amanda spotted this espresso cup.  At $23 itphoto-4 was expensive for her at the time, but she knew she just had to have it. But that, I guess, is what collections are all about.  They don’t make sense economically, but for you they are priceless.

photo-2The cups are displayed in a bookshelf with glass doors.  In front of the books lives the beautiful collection.  She tries to use them as often as possible, even her two boys can use some for a few baby chino drinks at home.  However they are NOT photo-1allowed to come near the antique ones and the first complete set which is the Noritake, that even mum and dad are timid to use while they have children under sixes in the home.

So the collection continues to grow.   Amanda loves to find a momento from her travels, or from hubby’s travels.  I can’t wait to update her collection in a couple of years, and see if those boys have got their hands on the Noritake yet!

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