Lola’s Baby Shoes

Ah baby clothes.  So sweet, tiny and tempting to buy.  You know that they won’t be worn out with wear….. but they are just so hard to resist.  I remember “oohing” and “aarrrrrhhing” with all the sweet shoes Lola was given when she was born.  They were all so perfect.


Now that she is three and in a new room I thought it was time to display them in a more permanent fixture.  We love looking at them walking up her wall.  Lola loves to ask who gave her the shoes and where she wore them.

CIMG3643Of course a little girl needs a pair of silver Country Road sandals. Lola still talks about her princess shoes.  My friend Kate is a true Country Road fan and I just feel relieved that her gift is still being appreciated as they have never been worn.

My friend Nic took three months off work to travel CIMG3642around China.  They kindly gave Lola the sweet dragon shoes that I have propped up wherever she has slept. I love the cheeky faces on the slippers.

Lola was a flower girl at the grand age of eight months.  She was given white ballet slippers with satin ribbons to wear at my sisters CIMG3641wedding.  I couldn’t even get her squirmy feet into one of the slippers let alone two!  So sweet on the wall however!

As for the white felt shoes with the pink bunny faces……… I remember getting them from Anna-Marie when Lola was born. CIMG3640 My older boy was two and fitted them at the time.  Poor boy, he had no chance as he was ‘encouraged’ to wear them until Lola was old enough to have a go.  I’m thrilled to have them on display.

Finally, every girl needs a wee pair of pink Havaianas.  So sweet, in fact this time when George saw the shoes, he was jumping at CIMG3639the chance to wear them.  What two year old boy wouldn’t want to wear pink Havaianas? When Lola was old enough to fit them she tried desperately to wear them everywhere.  Quite a look for a summer toddler.  I thank dear Bianca for the shoes.  A Brazilian hotty she knew what every girl needed in life! I write todays post with a heavy heart.  Sadly Bianca passed away today.   A sassy woman who had no problem walking the waterfront in gold sparkly hot pants.  She had the legs to pull them off.  In fact we used to joke with her loving boyfriend Rodney how the hell did he get a girl like that!  Not only was she a hot babe, but totally had the brains to match.  A dentist who had completed her masters year.  It seems so unfair for 526912_473379136036772_824223516_nsuch a talented, kind person to die so young, and without accomplishing so much more that was on her path of life. Bianca, we will all miss you.

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3 thoughts on “Lola’s Baby Shoes

  1. That shoes are looking great and mostly it is very light in weight also it is made by high quality materials. That shoes are really good for kids. And their health.

  2. you have such lovely collections, this one especially appeals. i’ve saved my daughter shoes too, but i never thought of displaying them like this, it looks ace! thanks for linking in with the op-shop show-off x

    • Thank you. What I love about having the shoes on display is hearing Lola marvel at the fact that she used to fit them. She is only three and can’t believe how small her feet once were. Cute! I love your site too.

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