Door Knobs


A bit of a different post this week.  I’m writing this CIMG3624one up as so many people have told me to.  In January I had three children with chicken pox over four weeks.  Chicken pox is a strange illness, to me it seems obsolete.  The only upside of chicken pox is that your child is lethargic so you have time to tackle those odd jobs that are time consuming.

CIMG3564I decided to stripe the paint of my chipped, cream internal doors.  Not a great job, but freshly painted doors look amazing.  I won’t bore you with the tedious job of the doors, but I do want to share how I got rid off the paint on the door knobs and surrounds.  I always try to be an environmentally friendly person, saying that I looked into the friendliest way to take the paint off the metal possible.

CIMG3623First you need to find a slow cooker or pot that you never want to use for food again.  Add a little washing up detergent, water and the door knobs and surrounds.  Cook on a low heat for  at least seven hours. It doesn’t matter when you take it CIMG3630out of the water, as when you find the time, the paint will just lift off.  Shine up with Brasso or Silvio, depending on what the materials are.  Once they are at a level you are happy with, pop into a hot oven. Cook for ten minutes. CIMG3631Whilst still hot, rub your metals over with Bees Wax to stop future rusting.

Ahh, what a collection of beautiful door knobs I now have on display.  I’m so in love with the restoration of them that I can’t stop looking at them and showing them off.


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