Vintage Cut Glass

CIMG3451I am sure you would have seen a piece of vintage cut glass. Displayed it looks amazing grouped together, especially if it catches the light. Cut glass has been around for hundreds of years.  The art of cutting the glass with intricate cuts with CIMG3467geometric patterns and prisms creates a desirable effect as it reflects the light.

Cut glass used to be hand blown and then hand finished. When the American Brilliant Period came along (1850-early CIMG346619 century) corners were cut.  Glass was blown into a mould and then a strong acid bath was used to eliminate sharp edges. So less craftsmanship and more manufacturing instead.

As you can imagine, the older the cut glass the more CIMG3463valuable it is.  After the American Brilliant Period, in the 1980’s materialised a “fake” cut glass. I guess this is only a problem if you are actually intently trying to buy the real thing. If you are unsure you can do the “black light test”. Using a ultraviolet light the real mccoy will cast a yellow hue or a pale blue.


CIMG3462May has been collecting cut glass forever! She feels like she has always had some in her life.  When she actually started to look for some to buy, she would pick pieces up at garage sales or from the Cats Protection league.  May loves her CIMG3453collection of cut glass so much that when she renovated her kitchen, she created a cupboard with a light on the inside, so when it is on the cut glass will be on display.  Love it! I also love that she actually uses it too CIMG3460(she served afternoon tea on it when I came around).


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  1. Jeremy Ashford on said:

    For information on all sorts of glass see the glass encyclopedia, a New Zealand-based site that serves the world:

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