Wrought Iron Beds

Ah Easter, how I love you.  It’s the best holiday.  There isn’t the pressure of Christmas, it’s longer than other holidays and the food.  Oh the food.  Hot cross buns, home-made fresh from the oven and chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  My kids spend hours searching for the eggs that they may have missed from the Easter bunny.  And it’s just a wonderful time to be at home and catch up on any odd jobs.

This leads me to this weeks Collectable Pride.  I love wrought iron beds and I have worked so hard on one this weekend (well hubby did) that I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and share what I did this weekend and my collection.  I did find someone else who loves wrought iron bed like me.  Had to share the address http://wroughtironbeds8.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/a-wrought-iron-beds-history-lesson/

I’m not really sure why I love wrought iron beds as much as I do.  I think it is because I grew up climbing into my parents every morning that got me hooked.  It was my great grandmothers bed and something about the history of it and how it is still being usesd that made me love it.  I also loved the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  of all the grandparents sitting facing each other that has always made me want one.

 CIMG3611Therefore at a Dunbar Sloane auction one year I saw this brass bed and was hooked!  I’ve never regretted it in fact the following year I bought another double wrought iron bed  for the spare room.  I thought it was identical to Susan’s off Desperate Housewives.  However my husband was too tall for it so it was only for the poor visitors who stayed at my house.  When CIMG1973children came along I was gutted to sell it, especially for basically nothing as no one wants wrought iron beds.  Hopefully I can persuade you to change your mind!
CIMG3604When it was time to move my boy into a bed there was only ever one choice.  I found this one off the internet.  It is an old hospital bed, actually I think the term was “mental hospital”.  Fits nicely into our home.  People always comment on how high it is.  Yes it is and before you ask, he has only fallen out twice.  He’s fine.
Lola’s bed was found off “free-cycle” where people give away their unwanted goods.  CIMG3565It used to be a soft, dusty pink.   However this weekend I did the painful job of swapping the children into new rooms.  The two boys are now in one room and Lola has her own room.  I didn’t want to overload Lola’s room with pink and wanted to make a feature of her bed.  So wowsers…… it’s bright, right?  We all love it and I don’t think she will be scared off the dark
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2 thoughts on “Wrought Iron Beds

  1. lorena on said:

    Bed looks amazing!!!!!

  2. Jeremy Ashford on said:

    Lovely beds indeed, but no wrought iron to be seen.
    I inherited a brass bed that I slept in with my brother at my great-grandmother’s house 47 years ago. It became my parents’ bed for a couple of decades. My son uses it now. Still going strong into its fifth generation in our family. All up it may have been in the family about 80 years but would likely have served another family before ours as it must be an antique.
    Great blog: keep it coming.

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