Family photo wall on a fridge


I love looking at people’s photo collections.  It’s lovely to see their family and friends.  When it’s your collection of photo’s, walking past and seeing a memory gives a warm feeling for you and ensures your house is a home.  Since I shared Lucy’s photo collection last week, I thought I would give a different and truly unique display of photo’s.

IMG_20130317_141850This is Heidi and Wheels.  Beautiful couple right!  When they moved into their house they stamped their creative touch all over it.  They took down walls, added bits here and there and made it funky.  When they renovated the kitchen the old fridge didn’t look quite right.  However, there wasn’t enough money to buy a new one.  Instead they turned it from frumpy fridge to funky fridge!


Heidi photocopied all her favourite photo’s.  Using glue (PVA with a little water), she stuck all the photo’s on the fridge.  Then cover sealed them.  This was six years ago. Doesn’t it look fantastic?  Who said walls and shelves are the only place for displaying collections?


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