Lorena’s Queen Agee Jars

Lorena lives in a castle. Ohariu Castle! When you wander up the garden path to the art deco home it clearly states it’s name followed by the year it was built, 1947.  I love art deco homes.  Full of style with clean lines.

Art deco houses first made their appearance towards the end of the depression in the early 1930s and lasted until after World War 2. The style typically featured:

  • parapet walls (walls that travel past the roof)
  • flat roofs that you can’t see from the street
  • stucco cladding
  • rounded corners or semicircular curved walls
  • windows and doors without external facing boards
  • minimal external decoration, consisting of art deco designs such as chevrons, zig-zags and horizontal or vertical bands


Not only is it cool on the outside, but inside she has the cutest pantry. It looks like an old doorway, possibly was before the extension was built.  Now it is a step down from the kitchen that is visible from the kitchen.  Stacked neatly inside sits Queen Agee jars.  They look amazing.  Really practical as they are glass so you can identify what is inside, but rare, so a collection that you don’t see too often.


CIMG3556Lorena started collecting jars when she was living in Canada.  They were Mason jars which she loved due to their shape.  However when she was leaving Canada for good, she had to sell them all at a yard sale, something she now regrets.  Luckily for her she was introduced to auction houses.  She remembers seeing a box load of Queen Agee jars that her husband and father in law told her not to buy.  She put a measly bid in and lost.  Us collectors know now to listen to the gut and buy it and not listen to others, right!  From then on, Lorena searched high and low to find Queen Agee jars (at a reasonable cost). Internet, antique stores and rural op shops are her best bet.

There are 24 Queen Agee jars in total in her collection.  Luckily for her she has CIMG3554more shelf space to fit future Queen Agee jars in!  Hint, hint hubby for future presents. Right Lorena?

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