Koala Bear

koalas - popular Australian souvenir

Straight away I have made a faux pas. The koala should never be referred to as a bear as it is taxonomically incorrect.  In fact the koala descended from terrestrial wombat-like animals. However when we think about the cuddly, teddy like koala, we often add the word bear at the end.

koala bear

Oh who could leave Australia without a koala as a memento?  Those cuddly animals with the razor sharp claws and teeth.  It seems ironic that everyone wants to hug one whilst there.  Have you ever been to Taronga zoo in Sydney? Not sure if they still do it, but you could hold and “cuddle” the koala.  I guess that is why the koala is still a very popular toy to buy.  Everyone wants to cuddle one.

I shared May’s teddy bear collection a couple of weeks ago. I had so much information about teddy bears that I split her koala collection from it as there just seemed just too much information.  May’s koala collection have the softest fur.  You really do want to give the koala’s a hug. When I commented to May about it she told me it was actually kangaroo fur.  All the old koala’s had it.  However from the 1990’s kangaroo’s became a lot more protected and “anti- fur” brigade started to campaign for change.  The change that occurred was polyester fur and plastic paws, noses for the teddy koala.


CIMG3470Inside the older koala’s are the wood wool. These koala’s with the wood wool, kangaroo fur and leather pads for paws are hard to come by now.  They are also highly collectable and valuable. They are also soft to touch and cuddle.  May loves her bears.  Peeking from prime places in her house sit koala families.  I can’t imagine what my children would do to May’s house if they ever came.  I do know I would have content, happy children reluctant to leave.



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