Judith Kerr Picture Books

Today is the first day back at school for many children in the Southern Hemisphere.  My son George was one of those children returning back to school. As a special treat for him, I am going to share a collection of his.  He has been desperate to become part of this blog since I started, which was nearly a year ago.  He loves looking to see how many people have looked at collectablepride.com and from what countries.  George has run out to the garden to find rocks and stones…… he has told me countless times that he collects money….. and has tried to get me to photograph his Lego to show that he collects that too.

CIMG3497 Finally his persistence has worked in his favour when I read his brother Alfred “The Tiger who came to tea” for the one hundredth time that week.  We were discussing our favourite parts whilst looking at all of the books Judith Kerr has written.  George delighted in the fact that we have got nearly all of her picture books and then proudly shouted “this is my collection” .

I’m thrilled to share some information about Judith Kerr as she is an amazing woman with many tales to tell.  Born in Berlin, Germany in 1923 to a father (Alfred Kerr) who was a famous socialist critic and broadcaster who was very critical of the Nazi’s. If it wasn’t for a friendly policeman to tip the family off that her father  was to have his passport seized, when Judith was nine years old, he may not have escaped.   Thankfully Judith, her mother and brother left Berlin the night before the Nazi’s gained power.

One of the reasons Judith started to write children’s books was the lack of good picture books for children in English.  She even sets her skills at copying Dr Seuss at only using 50 words as he did in Green Eggs and Ham in the story Mog in the Dark.



My family LOVE the Mog series.  What is it about cats and CIMG3495children? I keep all the books at a height that all the children can reach.  These books are the ones in Alfies room.  I usually pick up the stacks of books at least seven times every day.  I love walking around the corner to find Alfie, who is only a year old, turning pages to the books, making animal sounds with a book that is usually upside down.


Here’s to Judith Kerr……. who has written some of the worlds best picture books! Here’s to her wit, imagination and dealing with reality in a gentle way.  I’ll leave the last words to Judith… (some lines of my favourite picture books).

“Mog sat in the dark and thought dark thoughts” from Mog the forgetful cat.

“But this is a mousedogbird house with mousedogbird people and all mousedogbird things” from Mog in the dark.

“And Sophie found she couldn’t have her bath beacuase the tiger had drunk all the water in the tap” from The tiger who came to tea.

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3 thoughts on “Judith Kerr Picture Books

  1. Rebecca on said:

    Lovely collection George…we laugh about the tiger drinking all daddy’s beer…poor Daddy! We miss you Georgie you beautiful boy! Come and see us soon xxx

  2. Gabrielle on said:

    Wow! What an inspiring blog!
    Wonderful Author! and a great reminder of some fresh ideas for our toddler, Monty. Love hearing about Judith’s background – makes it extra special and funnily enough we are collecting Dr Seuss … Maybe that’s why we love her books too. Thanks for sharing George and Alice xx

  3. Charlotte on said:

    George we LOVE your collection of Judith Kerr books! Her Mog books are some of our favs too. My all time favourite from my childhood is “When the Tiger came to Tea” – I always wondered how that tiger drank all the water from the tap and don’t you think the Dad is the coolest when he suggests they all go out to a cafe! Chris even bought me the pop up book for my birthday once and we can read it a million times when you come and stay xxx

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