Pie Funnels


After a feast filled Christmas holiday it would be appropriate to begin my first post of 2013 with a collection to do with food.  This leads me nicely to this weeks collection of pie funnels.  Pie funnels are a clever little invention that let the steam escape from the pie, allowing the crust to get nice and crispy.  They keep the contents from overflowing and help the base cook properly.  No one wants a pie lid that is soggy, and the pie funnel stops this happening.  Saying that, how many of you actually have one in your kitchen?  I know I use an upside down shot glass when making a pie.  What I really need is one piece of Margaret’s collection of pie funnels.


image-15The collection began when a friend from another city came to image-22visit and saw Margaret using an old ceramic pie funnel that was her Grandmothers, Rose Bishop.  Obviously it has some colour to it and is basic.  So, for her next birthday, Margaret was given “the cook” and I guess she was also given the bug of collecting pie funnels.


image-24There are 50 pieces in Margaret’s pie funnel collection. Some have been presents and some Margaret has bought off line and antique stores.  She did comment that image-20she doesn’t see many around now.  Her collection even houses new silicone pie funnels.

As you will notice, there are a lot of bird shaped pie funnels.  The song “Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye.  Four and twenty Blackbirds baked in a pie.  And when the pie was opened the birds begin to sing…”.  A long time ago, small clay whistles in the shape of blackbirds’ heads were baked into the pie pastry on top of the pies.  When the pie was cut, the cool air in the room met with the hot contents in the pie creating steam.  The steam rose through the blackbirds raised heads and they began image-10to sing.  Cool huh!  This may explain why there are many black bird pie funnels.  Margaret has quite a few too. There are a lot of old ones, all different with individual signatures on the insides.  She is in good company collecting the blackbird pie funnels. Ronald & Nancy Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, George & Barbara Bush and Princess Diana were/are collectors too.


image-19Among her collection are pie funnels still in the box from Royal Worcester.  Royal Worcester is believed to be the oldest remaining English porcelain brand still in existence today.  Margaret loves the china and is thrilled that she has this calibre of china in her collection.



Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas with many more additions to your collections.

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3 thoughts on “Pie Funnels

  1. Stephanie on said:

    Love the idea of the little black birds singing in a pie, but can’t imagine how these are actually used. They look so big for putting inside a pie. Might have to visit Margaret on a Friday night to see it in action.

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