Crosses/ Crucifixes

Maria has a fascination with collecting crosses and crucifixes.  She isn’t quite sure where this fascination comes from, but thinks it could be her early years being raised as a Catholic. The collection hangs beautifully in her hall way of her divine 100 year old house.  In many countries that Maria has travelled, she has bought a cross or crucifix for her collection.  Ethiopia, Greece, Ireland, Mexico to name a few.

Maria and her husband Tony love to travel.  Especially travelling off the beaten track.  When travelling around south America for six months, they based their travel on visiting religious festivals and markets.  Spending a lot of time in Guatemala, Maria and Tony enjoyed the Saint Simon (San Simon) festival.  Presents galore are given to St Simon, like cigarettes, rum, money and candles.

The cross from Mexico has prayer tokens inside in.  If, for example, you have a sore leg, you would get a prayer token for that certain part of your body.  At the altar there are prayer tokens sitting amongst candles everywhere.

I’m sure Maria will continue to grow this wonderful collection. Thought I would give her an incentive with the following collection.  It isn’t as pretty as yours Maria, nor does it sit quaintly on a wall, but there sure are a lot of them.

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