Buzzy Bees and Friends

Melissa and Adam have wonderful collections.  I love looking around their house and finding a group of interesting items in unusual places.  In the hall way above the alcove live a group of friendly  faces- Buzzy Bee and some friends.

This collection began when their first daughter was born 7 years ago.  When you become a parent, a life of reading picture books begins and a whole world of rhyming, charming characters and cults begins that you haven’t known about before.  This was the case with Buzzy Bee.

It is fair to say that the Buzzy Bee is iconic to New Zealand and is New Zealand’s most popular toy.  It even went royal when Prince William played with one when he was a toddler on Government House lawn in 1983.

The Buzzy Bee was created in 1940’s in a small workshop in St Benedicts Street in Newton, Auckland.  Toy and wood craftsman Maurice Scheslinger, was the creator and during the baby boom it’s popularity really took off.  The Buzzy Bee has branched out into various merchandise including books, jigsaws and clothing.  The family of Buzzy Bee includes  Mary Lou, Oscar Ostrich, Dorable Duck, Trikey Tom, Driver Don, Elle-Gator, Peter Pup, Katie Caterpiller, Kris Cricket and Richard Rabbit, to name a few.
Of course Melissa and Adam are keen to welcome the whole Buzzy Bee family to their collection.  At the moment they have found a lot of Buzzy Bee’s, Mary Lous, a Kris Cricket and a Richard Rabbit to their collection.  They have been found at school fairs, trade me and antique shops. A few have been presents too.  While you can still find some retro pieces of Buzzy Bee’s, the other members of the family are rare!  There is a new line coming out soon though.
Every kiwi kid needs a Buzzy Bee!  I can see that this collection will become more popular and iconic as the years go by.   Well done Melissa and Adam,
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