Tin Spice Containers

I’m always partial to a collection that serves a purpose.  I’ve shown my coat hooks, agee jar  and my depression glass jugs collections.  Something about reaching for the ordinary out of something that isn’t ordinary makes it all feel special.  So this week I have something very special to share, Maria’s tin spice containers.



Maria and Tony have cool stories.  Their house represents all the travels they have done.  Sitting casually on the window sill are the tin spice containers.  They look amazing!  The tins were bought all over India by Maria and Tony.  It was a hunt to find them but every time they saw one they would buy it.  It’s a little bit smarter reaching for the tin spice container rich with history rather than a paper box from the supermarket.

I love the display on the kitchen shelf over looking their daughters cool new play house.  The tin spice containers sit neatly with the nutmeg grater and the three AK47 bullets. “Three AK47 bullets!” I hear you holler.  Yes they were fired at Maria and Tony when they were travelled from Kenya to Ethiopia.  The people who fired the shots are called “Shifters”.  They are people who try to hijack trucks.  Cool story? Cool story, especially picking up the shells and keeping them all together to reminisce over when grabbing the coriander seeds.

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