As the end of the holidays near, I thought it would be great to feature a child’s collection.  This post is about that wonderful figurine who has lasted generations. Her life began in  March 1959, inspired by a German doll called Bild Lilli….. yes it’s Barbara Millicent Roberts but you will know her as Barbie.

Sofia is 7 years old and has 28 Barbies and Ken’s.  Her mother Melissa says it is fair to say Sofia is obsessed.  Sofia’s collection is made up of Barbies from 1980 (hand me downs from her mother) 1990-2000 (hand me downs from her baby-sitter) and now a days (gifts for birthday parties and Christmas and finds from garage sales and school fairs).  Melissa points out the difference between the older Barbies and the more recent Barbies.  The more recent Barbies have a wider waist, smaller boobs, wear more make up and have oval eyes.  Sure enough, when I looked into it on Wikipedia, I found that Barbies waist has been widened in more recent versions of the doll.

This is only a problem when you try to put Barbies retro clothes on the newer, updated Barbie, they just don’t fit!  Maybe it will help younger generations have a more positive body image.  Do you think?

One of the most common criticisms of Barbie is that she promotes an unrealistic idea of body image for a young woman.  Not sure if it helped when in 1963, the outfit “Barbie Baby-Sits” came with a book entitled How to Lose Weight which advised: “Don’t eat!.”Vintage booklet advising on how to lose weight.Bathroom scale from 1965, permanently set at 110 lbs- that’s 50 kilos for a 5 9′ woman (thanks to Wikipedia for these images).

Sofia also has a couple of Fashionista Barbies which have joints.  Their elbows, wrists, knees and other body parts move.  There is also the detachable head Barbie, where you can just buy the head!

When Melissa and her sister played with Barbie back in the 80’s they only had two Ken’s.  Therefore Barbie’s hair was cut short- to pretend that this was a boy for Barbie. Officially Barbies boyfriend is Ken (Ken Carson) who first appeared in 1961.  Sadly they split up in February 2004  but in February 2006 they were hoping to rekindle their relationship after Ken had a makeover.  Not sure why when he looks so dashing in his pink waist coat.  I would also like to point out that at Melissa and Adam’s wedding, Barbie and Ken sat at their wedding table.

Well I can recommend to Sofia to join the Barbie collectors club.  Apparently she will be the minority, as the majority of the members are 40 plus year old women. However it looks quite the site of Barbie information.

Three Barbie dolls are sold every second in the world!  I could be covering a few more Barbie collections in the years to come.  Good luck with your collection Sofia,  I will be on the hunt to increase your collection in the future.

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