Gabrielle’s Crown Lynn

Crown Lynn is definitely a hit when it comes to collecting.  I have written about Sarah’s Crown Lynn previously and it is a hit with you viewers.  I would go so far as to say that it is the most popular blog that I have written.  I put on my thinking cap and thought about who else I knew that collected Crown Lynn so I could help all those Crown Lynn fans out there…… then the gorgeous Gabrielle came to mind.

Gabrielle is a clever collector.  She has an eye for beautiful things and puts them to good use in her home.  One of my favourite pieces in her divine home is the old factory shoe rack, made of wood and steel, that has been used for several storage and display purposes.  It even used to house her Crown Lynn display before the new kitchen went in.  The Crown Lynn looked wonderful then, but now, in the gleam and shine of the flash kitchen, it looks perfect!  Old meets new, cream and white together, swans meets Tiki’s, it just brings a smile to the collectors face.

Gabrielle’s mother encouraged her to collect.  Ideas were brought to her and she dabbled at a couple of things but it wasn’t until Gabrielle was in her early twenty’s she found an article in a magazine showing eight different Crown Lynn vases.  That was her inspiration and the beginning of a wonderful obsession with Crown Lynn.

It has eventuated into a white and cream collection.  These colours seem to enhance her home, or is it the other way around?  Recently she sold a black swan which had crazing in it.  It still fetched over $200.  Gabrielle describes the woman who bought it as a fellow Crown Lynn collector and loved meeting her to share stories and pieces they covet but haven’t bought yet.  Some of her Crown Lynn has been presents and others Gabrielle has bought from the internet or shops.

Gabrielle still uses her vases, just that morning she had picked violas and had a specific vase to use for them.  She loves geraniums in her swans.  Her all time favourite piece is the butterfly, for the main reason that she just loves butterflies.  Of course she has a soft spot for the swans (who couldn’t?) and loves pieces that people have given her for the memories.

Hubby isn’t a fan of Crown Lynn.  In fact Gabrielle had to sneak them in and pop them up in her kitchen.  Luckily he didn’t notice until visitors came round and commented on how nice they looked.  This was after a week!  It’s a compromise now, there is a large television in the living room, and Crown Lynn in the kitchen.  Saying that, not all pieces are on display….. however that is not stopping Gabrielle’s collection growing.  Her eyes are set on a map of Wellington and of course more white and cream pieces.

I love Gabrielle’s collection and her style. I may be a little biased however as I am her proud sister.  Hopefully she remembers me when she looks at some pieces as I have loved the hunt while adding to her collection.

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2 thoughts on “Gabrielle’s Crown Lynn

  1. I finally get to see Gabrielle’s collection. I love it! I too would love to have a map of Wellington in my collection (surely the thrill of the hunt is just part of being a collector). So nice to see how someone else has displayed their collection too. After having said I’d stop collecting, I’m now not feeling like I’m done. Thanks for the inspiration, Gabby!

  2. Rebecca on said:

    Beautiful collection, you are a clever couple of sisters x

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