Passionate people are interesting people.  I guess that’s why I love people that collect.  You have to be patient and wait for the next piece and show resilience if the price isn’t right…….. just to add to your collection.  Then you become a mini expert in your area.  You may not know the facts, but often you know more, like the mechanics of the collection, how it feels, what it’s good for and clearly why you like it.

I am so excited to share Tony’s guitar collection.  He seems to be able to do anything and playing the guitar is no exception.  He started playing from an early age.  He is in a band playing the guitar…. and has quite a collection of them too. Tony tells me his guitars aren’t expensive ones, in fact he fancies Japanese 70’s guitars.  I was blown away when I walked in and saw them on the wall.  I had walked into a man cave, but still could admire them.

I love how some are hanging on the wall, and some are placed around the room. Tony pointed out one of his favourite, a small one bought for his three year old daughter.  How cool is that? She is one lucky, lucky girl.  He likes the way they sound and look. Having a look on the web shows that he is not alone with his love of Japanese guitars.

I hope this collection inspires you to look at something you are good at, or something you have a lot of, and think about how to display them for ease of use, yet also allowing them to be visually attractive.

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