Tea Sets

After covering Sarah’s beautiful tea cups last week I felt compelled to share my tea set collection.  I am like Sarah, where I find drinking out of china is a must! I try hard not to buy tea sets, but they often just find me and I can’t help it.  I now buy tea sets for presents, but it does depend on the person.  Some people find tea cups too small to hold a 2012 cup of tea or coffee so never use them.

My collection is displayed in an old post office’s cubby hole unit.  I love this piece of furniture which was a wedding present from family members.  It’s perfect to display my collections and other everyday items too.  As you may have seen from other posts, my glass jugs collection sit on top too.

My mother gave me my first tea set, which is the gold and white tea set.  It has sat on my shelves as long as I can remember.  It has been used with dolls for tea parties with very few breakage’s.  The handles on the tea cups are delicate, which as a child I must have understood as it is still around!

When my paternal grandmother died when I was 21.  She left me her Shelleys tea set.  I always knew it was going to come my way as she would show me every time I visited her.  We never used it however, but I understood how precious it was.  My mother made me come and collect it from her house six years ago.  It lived in a bucket cushioned by cloths and safe from breakage’s.  I really didn’t know what to do with it.  It is so beautiful and dainty.  Reluctantly I popped it in a cubby hole to display and share it’s beauty but I’m too scared to use it.  Luckily my son George isn’t. When he was two, I came out of the shower to see that he had pulled all of my tea sets out and was setting them out on the table.  I was having a heart attack inside, but calmly came over and took the Shelleys tea cup and saucer that was balancing on the edge of the table, and put it in the middle of the table.

When Government house was having an open day I went to have a look.  To my absolute delight a tea set identical to my own was on display with three other tea sets.  Excitedly I told everyone within ear shot that I had the same tea set.  I felt very important! I consider it my most prized possession in my house.  The last earthquake we had was a 7.0 on the Richter scale. I was breast feeding and all I could mutter to hubby was “Shelleys”.  Up we jumped and raced over to the tea set, three hands protecting the china (one was holding baby).  Don’t worry folks, nothing broke. There are others like me.  A dedicator fan club for Shelley lovers. http://www.shelley.co.uk/

My paternal grandmother also gave me her Denby tea set collection.  It is heavier pottery and lovely to drink coffee out of.  I visited a friend the other day, and she pulled out a similar Denby tea set but in green.  It was her husbands grandmothers tea set and loves to use it too.  I also have a blue and white fine bone china tea set. I bought the whole dinner set from Dunbar Sloanes antique auction when we first came back from overseas.  It is very nice to have a “good” dinner set.  I bought it due to it’s colour (blue is my favourite colour) and it was fine bone china and originated from Argentina.

The orange and white tea set was found in an opportunity shop, still in it’s packaging.  One of my best finds, and have used thousands of times! The other three collections are Lola’s, my three year old daughter.  I was delighted to have a daughter and if I ever saw a beautiful tea cup in an op shop, would buy it so she could have her very own china tea set.  A friend of mine also gave her many pieces, including Crown Lynn jugs and cups.  The tea cups in this collection are exquisite. Flowers inside the cups, beautiful handles, and muted colours.  She has already had many tea parties with dolls.  For her third birthday we used all her tea cups for her guests.  So cute seeing all these children using fine bone china to drink punch from. 

Lola also has a tiny tea set given to her from her grandmother.  I don’t know if the size has stumped her but she has no concept to it being china and breakable.  She treats the large tea set with care, but the small one gets chucked out of it’s container, tipped here and thrown there.  Needless to say I haven’t given her the pink tea set from her great grandmother as it is so pretty and I know she will love to play with it when she is older.

I could ramble on and on about tea sets.  Looking around my house as I write this I can see other tea sets that I haven’t put with my collection………. I guess you can tell that I love the whole process of having tea and coffee and using different sets depending on the time of day and the people you have hosting.

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5 thoughts on “Tea Sets

  1. Hi!

    I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out my post for more info:

  2. Cool blog Alice. And now I finally know where the name Denby came from!

  3. janetandbob on said:

    Hi Alice

    I really enjoyed your writings about your tea sets. My friend has just bought her one that she got for her 21st back from England as she lives here now. I keep telling her I am going to get her a china cabinet so it can be displayed as I love china and china cabinets. I have neither but they are both on my wish list along with..a doll’s house and some brand new skis. (I just got my first set ever but they are ex rentals and cost $200!!!

    Anyway I digress. We are home these holidays if you would like to see Charlie’s rock collection. I panicked when you asked as I thought they better be nicely displayed but ten weeks later they are still all over the house so you may as well see what living with a collection on every window sill is like.

    Hope all is well in your corner




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