Tea cups

Through Playcentre I have meet a wonderful woman who is motivated, funny and clever.  Every Wednesday night a group of mums get together at her house to participate in ‘Deck fit’.  Basically we do exercises on her deck!  It was after one of these nights that I saw her tea cup collection and had to share.

Sarah and her husband Will renovated their house a couple of years ago.  During this renovation Sarah and Will had a discussion whether or not to keep a south facing window.  One of the positives of the window was that it let light into the kitchen.  The negative was that it looked over the neighbours garage and it was south facing (the wrong way this side of the hemisphere).  Thanks to Sarah, the window stayed but there is strong debate on whose idea is was to place shelves over the window, to keep the light but obscure the view.

Needless to say, the outcome looks fantastic.  Combining the collection over a window, not only gives a place for Sarah and Will to share their treasures but also enhances their home, which is what this blog is all about.

Sarah and Will were both born in England.  They meet here one evening speed dating and the rest is ……… history!  The collection is definitely an amalgamation of the two of them.  Will with his cricket cups (only house I have been to which has a cricket bat on display with Mark Waugh’s signature on it in the lounge) and Sarah with her fine bone china tea cups, “the only way to drink tea” Sarah says!

Whilst on honeymoon in Singapore they found some Royal Albert tea cups commemorating 100 years.  They both loved them so bought some with their wedding cash from an Aunty.  The Royal family cups are Wills, given to him by his parents when it was the Queen’s Silver jubilee and Di and Charles got married.  They are on the look out for a William and Kate cup to add to their collection.

The black and white tea cups are also Royal Albert.  They were a present this year for Sarah.  Due to a boisterous three year old, there are now only five…. The silver napkin rings are engraved with W & S.   The freaky coincidence is that they were Wills great grandparents. What a lovely present from Wills uncle for a wedding gift.  There is also a blue vase on display that Sarah is sure are Roman ruins.  Yes it was dug up from the garden when renovations were undertaken at the house. They only want to hear the history of the vase if it includes a windfall.

What I love about this collection is how they took a negative aspect of the house and turned it around to share a positive collection of theirs.  Something to inspire us!

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