Mosaic’s in Fiji

I was given the challenge to find a collection for “collectablepride” whilst on holiday in Fiji.  What a treat to go to Fiji!  It was all thanks to my lovely brother Guy, who shouted us to Fiji.  We all enjoyed sun filled days to help celebrate a big birthday for him.

Our first stop was the Outrigger Resort.  Now, I’m not sure if you have ever been to a resort before, I hadn’t.  It was definitely an eye opener seeing the tattooed bodies everywhere.  I could have written a “collectablepride” sharing all the tattoo’s.  Is that always the cliental at resorts?  Or is it an Australian thing, as the majority were Australian?  Either way, there were plenty of tattooed bodies at the Outrigger Resort.  Sometimes I think people try to be different but instead all look the same.

After the resort my husband, three children and I hired this house

It was a lovely quiet spot where we lazed on a beautiful beach that according to local legend, the first Fijians arrived around 1500 BC, landing on the beach. Just down the beach is the First Landing resort. A lot smaller and quieter than the Outrigger resort.

This is where I finally found my collection to fulfil my challenge. An ex employee has created quite a sight at this resort. Everywhere you look at this resort, there are mosaics. On tables, the floor, in the swimming pool, on the walls, outdoor showers, leading you around on paths. Fantastic. I enjoy this collection as it makes me smile. When I asked who created this collection, staff told me about a man who enjoyed mosaic and could complete a huge area in two days. I pictures the thrilled owners who obviously saw the results of this guy and just encouraged him to do more and more and more (obviously they had some quiet times).

It was a lovely holiday and I totally recommend Fiji. We are so spoilt at this end of the world, with all of the beautiful pacific islands, they are all divine.  Not sure if this collection will enhance your home….. you could try the garden and see how you go.

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