Agee Queen Jars

Okay…. can’t stop the glass roll.  But I am thrilled to be writing about MY Agee Queen glass jar collection.  I love it, I truly love it and am so proud to be sharing it.

My collection began when I used to visit Dunbar Sloanes general auction every Tuesday.  We had just moved back, after four years travelling and had no house hold things.  So I used to visit the auction house and leave absentee bids on box lots.  I would receive a phone call to say I had won a box load (for a grand total of $5-$10).  It was like opening Pandora’s box, squealing when I looked inside (as I used to place so many cheeky bids on box loads- never thinking I would win).  My most embarrassing memory is picking up three box lots, carrying them out to my car, squealing with excitement with my girlfriend while pulling out all the things I had “won”.  Dunbar Sloane junior walked past us, to jump into his flash car, and kind of looked in amusement/ mockery at me.

It was in one of those box lots from Dunbar Sloane, that I found my first glass Agee Queen jar.  There isn’t much information on Agee Queen jars.  All I know is that they were made between 1920-1940 in New Zealand and are now rare and expensive.  So expensive that I have had to stop buying them, as it does seem ridiculous to spend a lot on a food container when I can’t afford the food to stored in it!

The beauty about this jar for me, is the glass lid and metal rings that pull the lid to the container.  I have nothing else like it and just find in my drab, ugly pantry, at least I have a bit of style going on.  I also took a photo of my Bushells tea container with the cork stopper that I also bought in a box lot.  Love the depression glass and how it feels.  Please comment below if you know anything more about the Agee Queen jar…………There are many lovers of the Agee Queen jar.  I will have to share my sister in laws Agee Queen jar collection too.    She has the pantry that you can see them all on display.  It looks beautiful! When will the glass roll stop?

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8 thoughts on “Agee Queen Jars

  1. karenosh on said:

    This is the kind of collection I love, it looks great but for me the most important aspect is that it gets used! Love it, love your blog 🙂

  2. Angela on said:

    My mother also has a collection of agee queen jars, but there are 2 that are missing lids. I don’t suppose you know where we could pick up a couple of spare lids??

  3. Danielle on said:

    Wow another agee jar lover I have just acquired agee queen never seen before all my pantry food is in standard agee jars and totally delighted to add a rare new lot of jars to my collection! !

  4. denise on said:

    Hello, i just found my first Agee Queen at an Op shop for the grand total of $1. Sadly i cant put anything hot in it as it has a small crack in the bottom corner. Question i have is, the clips dont seem to clamp down on the lid firm enough, does it have a rubber ring or do the clips need adjustment to tighten the clamps? Thank you

    • It depends what I have inside. A lot of mine have pulses and sugar that I use quickly so am not worried if there isn’t a seal. Otherwise you can still get the seals that make it all snug.. I haven’t personally tightened the clamps and very impressed that you are even thinking of it.

  5. Andrew on said:

    I just found a lid at an old house site on a farm thanks for the info, I might see if I can find some more

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