Glass- clear and beautiful

So I’m on a bit of a glass roll at the moment.  I love hearing how people are collecting glass…… it’s now time to think about how to display it.  Glassware can turn an area that is drab, into, well…… FAB! This week I want to share Tor’s glass collection.  Tor’s house has three young children living in it, and many more visiting daily.  So there are no excuses in saying that you couldn’t accomadate a collection like Tor’s due to the occupants in your home!

Sitting on top of the television cabinet in the family room sits Tor’s glass collection.  They are “clumped together” as Tor so quaintly puts it, to make it look better.  Tor appreciates glass due to all the plastic in the world.  Man we miss milk bottles, especially being delivered to the door.

One of the vases was her husband Tom’s grandmother’s. Tom’s father said that every week his mother would put a flower in it.  Now Tor thinks of the grandmother even though she has never meet her, when she fills it with camellias.

New glass vessels include one from a child in her daughter’s class. She gave her a soft drink from Japan.  A marble was at the top of the bottle, to measure a nip. Tor burnt the plastic lid off and kept the bottle.  Another is a normal V8 juice bottle. Tor loved the shape, put some material around the neck and put it with the other glass.  Lovely.

Tor has bought a lot of the bottles from second hand shops and is always on the look out for more bottles.  Recently the Kindergarten has undergone extensive landscaping.  When the digger was in, it dug up several glass bottles and left them on a cabinet to show the children.  Tor has been eyeing them up, wondering if they will go to a good home……….. That’s a hint folks.

Of course there are several bottles that have been presents from family and friends. I love the mini milk bottle that her sister gave her for visiting her in Auckland. I love it! Getting a present for being a visitor.  I hope Tor’s collection has been an inspiration for you, a collection that has nothing to do with the name, and everything to do with the shapes, sizes and material.

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