Glass- all sizes, colours and shapes

It’s been a week since Ed and Alana have left to live in London.  Since the Olympics are on, I have been thinking of them a lot.  What a wonderful city London is.  Doesn’t it look amazing on television? It’s been awesome to watch the different venues where the games are held; Lords for the archery, Wimbledon for the tennis and the jam packed stadium for the athletics.  Anyway I am digressing as I am meant to be sharing Ed and Alana’s last collection I photographed before they left.  Their glass collection.

This collection usually lived in the family bathroom, which is light and had a huge window which the glassware sat in front of.  However my visit was at the packing up stage, so it was on the kitchen bench, getting ready to be packed away.  Yes they were using professionals to pack away their treasures.  Apparently things aren’t insured if you don’t use a professional moving company to pack your goodies away.

If you have read my other posts you will know that I love glass.  I much prefer it to plastic especially to drink from and use.  I also love the simplicity of it and how it looks.  Alana is the same.  She loves the look of it.  That is how she chooses to add to her collection.  It has nothing to do with it’s name and everything to do with how it looks.  Ed, however does enjoy a few finer glassware names and has recently been given a Whitefriars piece (the Totem pole) from Alana for his birthday (she likes to give him a piece of art or glass for his birthday).  I didn’t know much about Whitefriars apart from recognising the name from London.  I have since learnt that it started business in 1680 where it made church stained glass windows.  For 300 years it produced glass.   It is beautiful, well designed glassware that is expensive to buy.  Don’t tell Ed who thinks the piece Alana bought was half the price!

Ed is a film compositor, a job where you need a good eye to take elements for 3D so the picture gels together.  He loves colour and has to deal with the detail of colour in his job as well.  You can see this love of colour in their glass collection.  You will notice a lot of the collection is Ruby glass- a piece from Poland which is from a grandmother before daughter Ruby came along.

I am green with envy as I think of Alana and Ed trawling through op shops to find new pieces for their collection in London and on their travels.  Wouldn’t it be great if I can give an update of their collections in a couple of years? Right, where is a sponsor to fund the airfare?

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