It’s Olympic time and I love it!  I love watching the games including the medal ceremonies.  Winning a medal is a favourite day dream of mine.  Well if you are like me and have no chance of this ever happening then the next collection could be for you.

In Sarah’s stylish home, amongst the books on her Ikea bookshelves lives a shelf of silverware, including trophies.  The effect, is pleasurable for the eye, and maybe gives visitors the impression that the trophies are Sarah’s successes. Grouped together, the silver makes a bold statement- it just looks fantastic.

Sarah inherited most of this collection from her grandmother but it was her mothers collection (Sarah’s mother died at the young age of 55 before her grandmother died).  The large trophy was awarded to her mother for being the top radiographer.  It was never on display when Sarah was a child so it sits proudly in it’s new home, on show.

A lot of the silverware does come with engravings and initials which Sarah is enjoying researching who they belong to and where they fit on the family tree.  Sadly some of Sarah’s family members have died young and the stories have been lost along the way.  Sarah’s grandmother also fell out with her family over farm land in early days, which meant a lot of family history was never being passed down. Therefore it really is a hunt for Sarah to find out where things came from and how they have ended up in her procession.  Amongst the collection is a milk jug that Sarah is researching at the moment……. it has some initials that Sarah has no idea who they belong too.  Hopefully it will be updated and Sarah can share her findings in the comments below.

The napkin rings are christening presents.  Her father didn’t get christened straight away due to the war.  This stumped Sarah when she was trying to piece the puzzle together of whose napkin ring was who’s.  It created a lot of discussions with her father with a conversation that wouldn’t have happened if Sarah didn’t have this collection.  See collections bring families together!  Anyway the conversation also reminded her father about the christening napkin ring and he promptly took it back!!! Much to Sarah’s disgust, as she wants the collection to grow.  Thankfully the in laws stepped in and helped build it up again with their families napkin rings.

Whilst some people detest polishing silver, it is a time for reflection. Sarah polishes the silver, she ponders on the unknown pieces.  Since chatting together about this collection, Sarah has remembered that her dad gave her the silver spirit burner teapot in the middle for her 21st birthday.  One trophy was for the Dalziell Brothers (who Sarah guesses was her Grandmother’s father and uncles) for “Champion Shorthorn Cows” in Whanganui, in 1917.

Silverware is popular to collect, and adds a lot of ‘kapow’ to the interior of a house. You would be surprised at how much there will be already be in your family.  Group it together and start to research it’s history.  This will really enhance your home.

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2 thoughts on “Silver!!!!!!!

  1. Gabrielle on said:

    Wow what a fab collection! Love the large tea jug with black holder … Very unique. What’s Sarahs hint to keeping the silver clean? And how often does she do it to keep in this condition ? Thanks for sharing


  2. I wish there was a secret to keeping silver clean. (And if there is, I’m as keen as anyone to know what it is!) I clean the silver as infrequently as possible but always think of my mother and grandmother when I do as I know they’d be appalled at how tarnished I let it get and delighted when I finally get around to giving it a clean. It is so satisfying when it has been cleaned and is lovely and shiny. I should really do it more often. Maybe I should have a tea party so I can use all the silver – so that I have an incentive to polish it up?

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