I see seashells!

Talented Tor

Talented Tor has a lovely home that I love to visit.  It has a great feel to it.  I love how my children race right around the house chasing her kids.  They can do a whole 360 degree circle around the home.  That’s rare in my world.  Tor comes from the Spite clan. The whole Spite family are very clever and have an eye for design.  Of course there are collectors in the family- as we all know that people who collect are interesting, right?  I’m hoping I will get the chance to share a few other family members collections.   Apparently I am the only person who comments on this particular collection.  I can’t quite believe this as it is displayed so nicely,  your eyes can’t help but focus on it when visiting the bathroom.

The collection sits below a stained glass window in the bathroom.   And even though Tor has three children, it always looks perfect.  Hundreds of little shells sitting in order, some from largest to smallest. Paua shells spoon each other, tiny pipi shells lie there peacefully and other rocks and shells balance preciously on top of each other, a hard feet to do in a earthquake prone city.

Tor has been collecting shells and stones since she was a child.  Every beach that she has visited she has taken a small memento.  When looking at her collection she can remember where every shell is from.  There are shells from all over the world and fond memories that she loves to reminiscence over.

I love this collection, not only for it’s display but for the fact that it’s free.  However being the polite, well mannered person that Tor is, she always makes sure she asks the beach if she can take a shell before she selects one.  The waves have always responded yes.  Her favourite shells are the paua, scallop and pipi shells.  The paua and scallop shells are like a collection within a collection, but there are two reasons why the pipi shells are a favourite.  One she has a sister called Pipi and two, it brings back fantastic memories of family holidays in Porangahau where the family would collect pipi’s to eat, sit them it fresh water so the pipi’s would spit out the sand and then cook up and eat with vinegar. This is nostalgia for Tor.

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2 thoughts on “I see seashells!

  1. Love! Also loved our chats about collections and collectors. We’re an interesting bunch us collectors. Look forward to more posts on the collections of the Spite whanau soon.

  2. Victoria Mahony on said:

    Too generous Alice!

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