Miniatures around the fireplace

Back to Alana’s house……. the house that my eyes had a feast at.  In their sitting room miniature figurines sit on the mantelpiece.  It looks terrific to me, as there is instant character to the home. Did you see last weeks ‘The Block’? The first room delivered by the contestants were so plain and boring. I wanted to shake them and point them to my blog so they could see what personality actually is and how a house needs it.  This weeks collection is a shining example that a collection doesn’t need to be pure in the sense of a brand or a name, but just a group of loved pieces displayed that someone loves.

Alana’s husband Ed is a film guy! He loves detail and quality.  His figurines are the expensive ones, often collectors pieces.  He collects Batman, comic and film characters, and robots.  Among his collection is Totaro, a forest god cartoon. Totaro helps others.  Ed bought this from Japan.  Other people may down load, but Ed wants the real McCoy.  He loves tangible pieces that you can touch.

Alana on the other hand buys pieces that grab her eye.  They can be from a $2 shop, op shop or just any shop! There is a bit of a Budda theme going on and other pieces that Alana has fallen for.  This includes a Noddy clock that Alana found last year, in an Adelaide Op shop for $1.  It is an original English Smiths brand and worth 420 pounds. Well done!!!!!! It is very cute and not surprising is Alana’s favourite piece.

It always cracks me up when I turn up for my Playcentre duty and Alana has an incredible toy for the kids to play with obviously from this collection.  I see children running around with a robot in their hands and wonder if Ed knows where his prized procession is.  This is why Ed keeps his favourite miniature (the glider) at work.  Their values are a little different in this area when it comes to the kids.  Ed feels that there can be some boundaries to the kids touching and Alana thinks that the kids can play with everything.

In the end, it does create great discussion and looks awesome in their house, which is soon to be packed up and moved to London.  Lucky London is all I can say. Anyway…… this is a great collection to inspire you about displaying pieces that maybe all they have in common is their size!

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