Pretty Purses

Seeing as though we are celebrating the Queens birthday in New Zealand, I thought it would be fitting to show something that the Queen would love, pretty purses.

What I like so much about this collection is the simplicity of it. Only three purses made the cut for this display, they were chosen only for their good looks from the owners point of view. Don’t you think they look amazing? Subtle and classy, just like our Queen.

Grandmother Joyce’s purse is the purse with beads. It is from France bought around 1949, before the devastation of WW2. When looking at the detail of this bag, how each bead has been sewn on individually, you appreciate the workmanship and how special this bag would have been to Joyce. I imagine Paris, shows and decent clothes when I see this bag.

The other two purses are from Grandmother Jessie. The history of them are sketchy. I also love the detail in these purses. The material with the one on the left is silk with hand embroider flowers. The folded crepe purse below has a jewel clasp. It is in some good condition that you can tell Jessie saved it for special occasions. The flowers have been hand painted. Delightful!

Frame and background colour were chosen as they were most suited to the purses for the owners perspective.

Handbags and purses are making a resurgence at the moment. So don’t feel guilty splurging. Convince yourself that you are helping your future grandchildren/ children with a collection.

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