The husbands poster collection.

Oh what to do with a husbands music poster collection? Not exactly something most woman want on display in their carefully constructed colour coordinated home. On the other hand, it is “your” home together. He does have the right to have his things up among yours.

Andy loves his music. For the past decade he has been collecting all his favourite band and concert  posters. Moving house did nothing to dissuade this collection. In fact his collection grew bigger until an idea from a magazine prompted a husband, wife team in displaying the collection.

One night when the kids were in bed, Andy and his wife set about the lay out. Measuring the area on the floor, posters, cut outs and flyers were rearranged until it looked suitable for them both. Andy then took a photo to ensure the arrangement would be remembered when the sticking took place. PVA glue was used over the whole area and then the sticking took place. Trickiest thing was making sure al the air bubbles were out. Once dry, a spray polyurethane ensured little fingers couldn’t pick corners off and protect the posters from spills.

The effect: colour, interest, memories and personality in once a boring kitchen area. Andy summed it up when reflecting on the space “it’s our home, we can do what we want with it”. Do you agree with this statement? Would you let your husbands collection take a main spot in your home?

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5 thoughts on “The husbands poster collection.

  1. Sarah Bicknell on said:

    Unfortunately, my husband’s ‘collection’ when I first met him were James Dean Posters which I thought were dated and quite frankly a bit odd for a (then) 36yr old straight male; and tea towels….ditto the oddness! Neither are displayed in our house! Although one particularly awful pencil drawing poster of JD and Marilyn on a motorbike is up in the outhouse/mancave outside (husband’s protest!)

    • I love it!!!! Have you still got them? Imagine what you could do with both collections? Would he not like a collaged wall in the man cave? What’s with the tea towels? Are they special? Your husband certainly is.

      • Sarah Bicknell on said:

        I think the tea towels are in a box somewhere still. I have no idea why he had that collection, I’m too scared to ask! He even made this (quite cool) long wine cork pin board that went the length of the wall above his bed (?!) to hang them off! Yes, the first time I ‘stayed over’ at his house I was fairly worried!

  2. Brilliant! I saw a bathroom ‘wallpapered’ entirely in music scores once. It looked fantastic – I’m sure posters would make just a good wallpaper.

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