Glass jugs

I am always drawn to the beauty of glass. I prefer it to plastic any day. When finding something that is practical and beautiful, it convinces me to buy more. Hence my collection of glass jugs. Old, heavy depression glass jugs. They sit among my other favourite glass goods, catching the autumn sun. I always use them for cooking especially with all their varied measurements on the sides. Pancake Saturday is created by my husband every Saturday in the largest one. The smallest is my favourite when cooking, although I have been told to never pour boiling water in them as they shatter. I think I would cry. All of my glass jugs have been garage sale finds, probably why  I love them so much, someone’s trash is Alice’s treasure.

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4 thoughts on “Glass jugs

  1. Kirsten on said:

    and now I want to jump on trademe and find some glass jugs Alice. Is there room in one family for 2 collectors though?

    • Of course- what else is there to talk about but latest purchases, great finds…. you should see what I bought this afternoon at the local op shop. It could be THE one that makes Antique Roadshow!

  2. sarahbarnaby on said:

    So many questions about collectors too. Once a collector, always a collector? Are you either a collector or not? And what’s the buzz of collecting? Alice – why do you collect?

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